About Us

Preserving Fallen Trees

happy workers creating wooden slabs from trees

Our Story

Created out of a shared love for trees, our goal is to upcycle wood by milling dwindling trees to construct our handcrafted tables or provide slabs or slab milling services to you for your own woodcrafting experience.

FTW Incorporated, supports the work of the VADOF, (Trees Virginia) Virginia Urban Forest Council, the Virginia Urban Wood Utilization program, Harrisonburg’s Urban Wood Utilization program, as well as all other programs and organizations supporting tree health, growth, and sustainability.

happy workers creating wooden slabs from trees

What inspired Family Tree Woodcrafters?

It began with our passion for preserving local wood while creating meaningful gifts for our families. It all began crafting wooden bowls from a chinkapin oak held dear on our family farm. The oak was registered as the 8th largest in Virginia and fell a few years ago. Salvageable wood was cut, turned, and made into bowls for each family farm member. A great idea and most heartfelt gift, we preserved the tree and our memories.

Soon after, we began crafting wood tables from unique slabs cut locally, falling in love with the idea of preserving fallen trees and helping our friends/families, and the local community preserve their cherished trees. We enjoy woodcrafting and tree preservation so much we invested in a Lucas Mill to feed our dreams and better achieve our goals. Our mill cuts up to 72” slabs, giving us the ability to cut some of the largest dwindling trees in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. We are excited about this woodworking, crafting, and milling adventure and look forward to speaking with you about your potential woodcrafting project.

person posing next to wooden slab from large dwindling tree
happy people enjoying nature preserving trees
focused man crafting a wooden table