Encouraging Sustainable Practices

Slab Milling Services

man working on creating slabs from giant tree

Drop off your felled tree at our FTW business location or organize a day for us to bring our mill to you! One of the largest portable slab mills in the Valley, our Lucas Mill cuts wood slabs up to 6 feet wide and 20 feet long. If you have a giant tree that has come down, we can help you!

Our slab milling service is great for those looking to upcycle their fallen tree into beautiful countertops, tables, kitchen islands, and more! Our milling services does not include milling wood into lumber or small pieces, however, our mill does cut slabs to specific thickness.

Call us for a quote for your next milling project.

Wood Slabs for the Crafter

pile of wooden slabs from dwindling trees

FTW has over 10 different species of wood slabs for sale, all locally sourced, at various sizes, for your next woodcrafting project. We specialize in selling a unique variety of species including basswood, ambrosia maple, ash, pear, cherry and elm and have built a great inventory of the very popular walnut, oak, and maples slabs. Our slab inventory ranges from clean solid proportional woodgrain to epoxy-worthy and full of character, curl, and ambrosia slabs.

Whatever your next slab-wood project, you are sure to find what you need at FTW. Set up a time to view our inventory by calling 540-383-3323 or view some of our slabs on our Shop page.

Handcrafted Products

happy people standing with handmade table

Our goal to repurpose and upcycle fallen trees is achieved through the creation of FTW’s beautifully handcrafted tables, wood bowls, charcuterie boards, and more. Whether you are transforming a fallen tree on your property into a piece of art for your home or you are ordering a special locally sourced gift for your loved ones, these products are meaningful.

View some of FTW’s items for sale on our shop page, or give us a call for a project you have in mind at 540-383-3323.